Over a year ago, at the end of October, when is spring in the Southern Hemisphere, I left Europe to embark on a journey through Latin America. I had decided to take a career break, inspired by some friends who had travelled before me and by the lure of mythical wildernesses like Amazonia and Patagonia, indigenous civilizations and Brazilian music.

In this blog I revisit and share my travel memories of the year I spent wandering from Argentina to Mexico. These memories are as subjective and personal as footprints in a path. If reading them you will feel at least a bit amused, entertained and curious to know more of distant places and cultures, it will be like we are walking next to each other on the path, your footprints next to mine.

I look forward to your comments and am here if you are planning a trip to the region and would like some advice.

I am originally from Italy and studied Marketing & Communications at Bologna University. After my degree I lived in a couple of places in Europe, then moved to New York and finally arrived in London, where I live since five years.

If I had to choose my imaginary travel companion, it would be the Little Prince by Saint-Exupery. I was the kind of kid who would drive my mum crazy constantly asking the why and how of all things. I have a book fetish, think that humour and friendship are some of the great things in life. I always thought that if the famous genie of the bottle were to appear to me, one of the desires I’d ask would be the ability to speak the language of any place in the world where I happen to be. Like a chameleon I could then talk and blend in with the locals and learn some of the many ways we live in this world.



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